Chief Instructor Paul Johnson began his training at the age of six when his dad took him to the local boxing gym. For many years Paul enjoyed the rough and tumble of amateur bouts before giving up the sport in favour of the martial arts.He trained in various styles achieving the rank of 3rd Dan black belt in Japanese Juijitsu and studied Thai Boxing for 12 years.
Paul has been fortunate enough to train with some great instructors of Jeet Kune Do and for a short while became Sifu Lamar Davis' UK Representative.
Shortly after this Paul began train within the Jerry Poteet association, and after many hours of hard training and perseverance his skill level was recognised and he was certified as an instructor.

Now Paul has pushed the Real Jeet Kune Do club into unchartered territory and has established himself as a high level JKD instructor and the only 2nd generation instructor in Nottingham

Young Peoples Mentor: Mark Watson has been a friend of the club for many years. For the past 5 years he has offered his services as a mentor to teenagers and young adults in Nottingham. As a "natural" body builder he has been able to help people with advice about the benifits of fitness training while explaining the reasons to avoid drugs and bad habits,
As well as the above he has been instrumental in developing the clubs anti bullying programmes and along with paul has been teaching this across the midlands.
2nd Generation
Real JKD instructors Turkey
Real JKD instructors UK
Instructor Lineage: Bruce Lee - Jerry Poteet - Paul Johnson